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I'm a Marketing Consultant, Photographer & Web3 enthusiast based in San Diego, and I am currently creating my own Web3 Brand.

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Narrating Y(our) Future

Finding your passion(s) is hard enough. Once you discover what ignites your flame, you must do everything in your power to keep it ablaze.

-Jeremy Parrott

The 411:

📝Title: The Storypreneur

🐧 Born on: August 22

🐎 Hometown: Louisville, KY (Representing the 502)

📍 Sleeping in: San Diego, CA

🔥 Passions: Guitar, Photography, Concerts, Gaming, Traveling, & LIVIN

🎸 Christine - My beloved Gibson Les Paul ❤️‍🔥

Waverly's 13enign Welcome

📍 Louisville, KY

Waverly's 13enign Welcome is a collection of 13 (1/1) originally paired photographs taken at one of the most haunted establishments in the United States: The Waverly Hills Sanitarium.

Timmy "the boy" Ghost

One of the most "well-known" ghosts at Waverly Hills Sanitarium is a "child" named Timmy. As the story goes, Timmy was a young boy who died at the hospital, but his spirit was unable to move on.

Typically guests who visit Waverly tend to bring a "toy" to entice Timmy to play with them. The "toy(s)" will sometimes move on their own, however; "nonbelievers" often say that it’s because of a draft or the uneven floors.

Can You Spot the Ghost(s)? [hint: zoom in] 👻

Minutes before sunrise...

🌍 My Favorite Places 🌍

Big Four Bridge, Louisville, KY

Love Bell, Locked In Love, Enoshima, Japan

The Great Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

Bernheim Forest, Clermont, KY

Paroxysmal Harmonics, Everywhere

10+ years of experiences.

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2 Years of Chasing the Perfect Shot Pays Off 🐝🫶🏻🌸

Jeremy Parrott

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